I'm a huge fan of handmade goodies, products that reduce waste, local food, imaginative toys for kids, and...well, let's just say pretty things!  In that vein, after discovering some treasures through other bloggers that I love, I have decided to accept sponsors for My Bit of Earth.  

If you have a product or blog that you think would be a good fit, please email me to talk about buying ad space.

Don't want to buy an ad, but have a fun product you think I'd like to tell my readers about?  I like doing that, too!  

Either way, shoot me an email at mcarverallmond@gmail.com so we can chat.

My average "numbers" are as follows:

  • 8000 average pageviews per month
  • 2500 average unique visitors per month, 45% of which are new
  • 1250 Pinterest followers
  • 500 Facebook fans
  • 440 Twitter followers
  • 300 Instagram followers

Additionally, I use affiliate links (usually to Amazon, sometimes to other places) throughout this site.