The Six Month Photo Shoot

Knox 6 mo-1
Knox 6 mo-2
Knox 6 mo

Well-child visit at the doctor=time for a photo shoot.  

We did an over/under on his weight this time.  (We always bet on what his official weight will be before we go.)  Sweet Husband took under 20 pounds, I took over.  I lost, but only by the bare fewest of ounces.  ("He has to be at least 20 pounds--from the way my arms feel after lugging him around all day, there's no way it could be less!") 

But the Kiddo's added movement--he's about two seconds away from learning how to crawl--seems to be slimming his figure by comparison to others his age.  While last time we were mostly in the 90's, this visit he was just a little above the 80th percentile right across the board.  ("Very proportionate!"  his doctor cooed at him.)

And the balloons?  Were not only a lovely photo prop, but days of bargain entertainment!