Fall Garden-less



My goal for Saturday was small: plant carrots.  

Towards the end of August I ordered a handful of seeds--radishes, carrots, beets--from Cubit's so we could have a fall garden.  They were deposited on a shelf where I'd remember to plant them, and there they've stayed, until only the quick growing carrots had a prayer of making it even close to full size before the days get too short.

While I congratulated myself on gracefully letting the rest go, I was determined to plant at least the carrots.  Because the Kid really likes them, even if they aren't my favorite.

But the distinguishing characteristic of this pregnancy has been some pretty wild energy swings.  I'm either leaping tall buildings in a single bound or I can't get out of bed.  On Saturday, making it to the couch took some pretty stern self-encouragement.  Carrots weren't happening.

So we'll save the seeds for the spring, and in the meantime enjoy the pretty decay, instead--rose hips and coneflowers and one last bevy of peppers for hot sauce.  

(But garlic will get planted at the end of next month, even if I have to call friends.)