Happy 14th Old Girl


[Me and Porter, circa 2000.]

I don't write much about Porter these days, but we have to mark her birthday, of course.  Her life right now is uneventful, as an old, well-loved dog's life should be.  

While the Kiddo is allowed a little license to--sometimes energetically--love on Moe, Porter is pretty much off-limits.  We figure she's earned the rest from small hands  just learning to "pet nice".

And resting is what she does most, although she still has a healthy appetite too.  She suffers a few minor indignities each day--being carried down the back stairs to go to the bathroom and upstairs to go to bed each night, being lifted when she has trouble standing on our wood floors--like the graceful older lady she is.  And that's pretty much her story.

I can't help but be a little sad as she slows down just a little more physically and mentally each day.  But mixed into that is some gratitude, as well.  If angels snored like freight trains, you just might convince me that she is one.  We're awfully lucky in getting to share so many years with her.