Crack Popcorn and Grilled Cheese = Acceptable Dinner (Really, a Home Ec Teacher Said So)


Brief background story....

Many years ago, my Nice-Mother-In-Law was a home ec teacher.  I don't think it was for very long even, as I know she switched to special ed way, way before I met her.  But somehow the title has haunted her.  Whenever some question of the Absolutely Correct and Proper Way To Do Something In The Kitchen comes up at their house, Nice-Father-In-Law likes to joke, "Ask [Nice-Mother-In-Law], she's the home ec teacher."

Sweet Husband and I were making a grocery list the other day, when he said, "Let's have some of that crack popcorn with grilled cheese for dinner one night this week."  (A.K.A. the herb-y, mustard-butter popcorn form Super Natural Every Day.)

Me:  "Don't get me wrong, I love the popcorn, hon, but I don't think you can have popcorn for dinner."

Him:  "Yes you can.  Popcorn and grilled cheese.  My mom used to fix it all the time on Sunday nights, when we'd had a big lunch."

Me:  "Hm...well, I guess she was a home ec teacher...."

And so we had popcorn and grilled cheese for dinner.  And it was pretty darned good.