Important Tip for An Easy Little Trip

For the Kiddo's first big adventure, we took a nice long weekend trip to visit his West Coast Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunties.  We didn't do a lot as far as afternoon in Old Sacramento with horses and covered wagons and a puppet show...


...a walk to the park for swings and sprinklers...


...a nice cool breakfast out (goodness how I love the cool Cali mornings and evenings)...


...but the Kiddo's favorite part?  Splashing in the pool.  Floating.  Sitting under a little rock waterfall, watching the light and water flow over his hands.

Which leads to the tip part.  Or maybe just something I need to remember.  

We were trying to plan out a few things to do at the beginning of our trip, when I said something like, "Well, we should do some things that would be fun for the Kid."

Sweet Husband:  "Any day not spent in a car seat is fun for the Kid."

It's true, he hates his car seat...but the bigger thought my too-wise husband stumbled onto there is also true.  As long as people are talking to him, playing with him, and letting him nap and eat and wiggle at regular intervals, he's a pretty happy kid.  We really don't need to plan a lot of "special" stuff to do, because, really, the whole world is new and special to him right now.

And that is a pretty cool thought, yes?  Not only that, but it makes the vacationing much more relaxing for the moms and dads too.