Band Day Parade

I tend to get a little snooty each year when the college students return to town, particularly considering that I used to be one.  It's just that summer without them is so nice.  Ten minutes to get a table at any restaurant you want.  No traffic jams on Mass Street.  Bliss.

And then, about the second week of August, all hell breaks loose.  Adding 25,000 people to town all at once is almost dangerous--no one understands the pedestrian signals, people go the wrong way up the one way streets.  Truly, on move-in day I hide in my house.

Despite that, I have to admit, there's this great energy each September.  This newness.  And then there are the parades.


Band Day, Christmas, St. Patrick's, Earth Day, Art Tougeau...and those are just the big ones.  That doesn't even count the little guys like the Zombie Walk, or homecoming, or the sweet Old West Lawrence neighborhood Fourth of July parade.

This weekend was Band Day.  I think there were about 30 high school bands in the parade, along with the KU band and the Lawrence Army Band.


The Kiddo and I liberated Sweet Husband from work for part of the parade.  As you can see, his head was needed to drum along with the music.
But, more interesting than trumpets and tubas--at least for the 6 month old set--were the shadows on the ground and the leaves dancing against the sky.