Penance for July

We stepped off the plane from California last week to the most pleasant surprise.  Seventy degrees, cornflower blue sky, and the wild sunflowers blooming away....I'm not officially calling it yet, but I think it might be getting close to Fall.


In my opinion, Kansas sunflowers are a make-up kiss for the last two weeks of July.  It's like, the very ground underneath our feet knows that we're at the end of our ropes with the million degree heat and mosquitoes.  Just as we're all trying to figure out how to escape, up sprout the the ditches, along the roads, in back yards and front yards...all whispering, "C'mon, this isn't so bad, now is it?"

This particular field isn't wild, but rather is planted by a farmer and his wife.  (And this year it had to be planted three times, bless them!)

It's one of my favorite late Summer/early Fall places to go visit.  Even in a "bad year", like this one, they just seem to go on forever and ever.  And each flower had no fewer than four or five bees on it, all dying of happiness.


With the help of our Nice Friends, we got a few obligatory family pictures knocked out too.  The lovely Ms. Cara Combs took all the pictures above that I am in.  And her nice husband, Nick, ever-so-cheerfully took a hand-off of the bebe, so that we could get a few shots of Sweet Husband and I by ourselves.