Right This Second...

...I am craving some risotto like no one's beeswax.  I'm still not convinced it's going to stay this way, but the temperature outside is strongly suggesting to my body that it's Fall.

...I am convinced that the Kiddo needs to remain vegetarian for a bit longer, after his tummy--in no uncertain terms--rejected the "chick-chick" he ate for dinner last night.

...I think my husband is a little evil for opening yet another tiny container of java chip frappuccino ice cream.

...We are devouring episodes of the new version of Battlestar Galactica like it's java chip frappuccino ice cream.  

...I am almost done with the Kiddo's Halloween costume.  I'm not ready to reveal it just yet, but it's a riff on this guy and it's going to melt your hearts.