Two Questions for the Mamas

1.  If you work outside your home, when do you exercise?  

The last five pounds of baby weight has made itself at home around my midsection.  I would like to evict it, and I think that's going to take a more targeted effort than our typical lazy Saturday morning walks.

Until the Kid starts sleeping more, mornings are not realistically going to happen.  I'm also not crazy about the idea of having to get myself gussied up more than once per day (i.e. doing it over lunch and then having to shower and clean up before going back to work).  Right after work would be perfect, but the window between gettinghomefeedingthebabyandputtinghimtobed is a bit tight these days.  I'm thinking about perhaps eating lunch at my desk and slipping out of work early at the end of the day?  But I'm curious if anyone has a more creative option.

2.  If you were buying an intermediate car seat would you get the one rated to 50 pounds?  Or 70?  

We splurged (actually, my lovely in-laws splurged) on the 30 pound infant seat for the Kid.  At a little over 20 pounds, he's still well within the weight range, but he's getting uber close to being too tall.  (Plus, we're hoping a more upright seat might help with his car seat loathing.)  The 50 pound seat is $100 cheaper than the least expensive 70 pound seat.  The difference in height maximum on the seats is negligible.  

Based on his current trajectory, I'm thinking the Kid will meet the height max before he hits the weight max, making the larger seat a waste of money.  The internets seem to concur, but, again, I'm curious to hear more thoughts.