Outside is a Good Toy


I've been wanting to clean up our (sort of pathetic this year) garden for several weeks now, but for one reason or another it just hasn't gotten done.  This Saturday, however, I had a free morning and the weather was gorgeous.  The problem?  Sweet Husband was working so the Kiddo would need to be occupied.  I wasn't sure if it would work or not, but I spread out a big blanket on the grass, brought out a basket of his toys, and left him to it.  

I worked for an hour and a half, folks!  That's, like, forever in baby-time.

And his "toys" barely were touched.  He watched the chickens.  He picked grass.  He smooshed his hands around in the dirt.  He may have swallowed a few leaf particles, but that's just building his immune system, yes?

Garden clean-up was a success.  The weeds are rotting in the compost pile, and I'm thinking of planting a Fall garden of some kale and radishes.  And now that we know that "outside" is such a fabulous toy I suspect we will be spending more beautiful mornings there.