Flock Notes--Eggs and Fuzzy Feet

Someone, besides Tori, laid an egg last week.  By it's dark coloring, I suspect one of the Marans, but I don't know which.  I've been really looking forward to getting some variation in our egg basket again.  I love the speckles on this one!

This month also marks a full year of laying for Tori.  From September 2010 to the beginning of September this year, she laid 179 eggs.  Not as many as Ingrid (who had laid 217 before she died in July), but a lot of breakfasts, nonetheless.  And the grand total for the whole year (counting ducks, chickens, and everything) was 778.  If you're like me and don't do math in your head, that's almost 65 dozen eggs!


Also, I finally got a shot of Gladys the Maran's fuzzy feet.  (Her sister Florence, the other Maran, does not have fuzzy feet, which is how we tell them apart.)  They're like little funny, feathery chicken slippers.  Cracks me up.