Knubbelchen [A First Doll for Little Miss]


I made this for Little Miss's Christmas "want" present.  (The whole want/need/wear/read thing takes creativity for a newborn.)  It was a little slow going--more sock yarn--but super cute, even down to the name.  Just what I was looking for as a first "lovie".  

Here are the pattern/yarn deets.  I did make one little modification, and--because it's brilliant, if I'm allowed to say so myself--I must share.

Instead of casting off as directed, I used 5 of the stitches at the end of the hat to make a few inches of i-cord. Then I did a 3-needle bind off with the remaining 5 hat stitches and the 5 stitches at the end of the i-cord. It looks like it’s going to leave a weird ridge as you're doing it, but when you tie the knot it hides it.

And then you have a nice little loop to attach the doll to strollers, car seats, etc. via those wonderful little baby plastic-loop-chain-thingys.  (Me and my technical terms!)