Driving in Flat Places

I found the flat part of Kansas.

Really, I wasn't sure where it was before.  I mean, we don't have mountains anywhere of course, but most of the North and Eastern parts of the state are more rolling hills.  Gorgeous rolling hills, that I'm actually quite fond of.  It's like the ocean, but with grass...the biggest sky you'll ever see...it's home.

Not so the Southwest corner of the state, where I traveled for work this week.  It is truly the flat part of Kansas.  The phrase "flatter than a pancake" actually ran through my head several times.

I can't pretend to have enjoyed the landscape, but I can say that the people there are awfully nice.  I can also verify that if you're ever in Greensburg, Kansas, the Eco-Silo is the place to stay and The Green Bean is a cute coffee shop to stop by.  Additionally, Twist is the best yarn shop in Wichita, but the Heritage Hut has a sweetheart of an Irish Wolfhound named Maggie for a shop dog.  Definitely worth the visit to both places.

Lastly, babies look different when you get back from being away, even if you've only been gone for three days.  Thankfully, mine didn't mind when his silly mama blubbered and hugged him for five whole minutes....