Feathering a Wee Owl

It's October, so I can talk about the Kid's Halloween costume now, right?  Right!

I believe I have only three, maybe four, years in which he will allow me complete latitude over his costume, so I plan to make the best of them.  This year's costume--my wee teeny owl baby--was inspired by several sources....

[1. last minute kids' owl costume; 2. masked owl costume; 3. crazy owl costume; 4. woodland masks; 5. hedwig the owl; 6. alitas!]

I ultimately decided that while fabric feathers and the little pilot cap with ears were a must, anything over his face would make him scream.  Thus, I began with a pile o'fabric scraps and a onesie....

Halloween Costume
Halloween Costume-1

From the scraps, I cut out, oh...three episodes of Battlestar Galactica worth of feathers?  I hand stitched some of them to the front of a onesie, layering them so that each row covered the stitches on the row before it.  

For the back, I cut a cape-like shape out of an old t-shirt, and attached the rest of the feathers with fabric glue.  (You could sew them if you wanted it to be extra sturdy, but since this costume is only going to be worn a few times, I didn't bother.)

Using about ten stitches at the neck, shoulders, elbows and wrist (really, they were more like "ties" than what you would think of as sewing), I tacked the cape onto the back of the onesie.  We haven't "flight tested" it yet, but I hope that the cape will flap when he wiggles his arms.

I also bought a pre-made pilot cap (Etsy, baby!), and attached brown felt ears per the tutorial from the second picture above.  For the legs I just bought a pair of white tights.  

Come back on Halloween-proper for the full reveal!