A Little Penguin I Sewed

Month two of the A Little Gray's "Little Things to Sew-Along" (projects from the adorable book Oliver + S Little Things to Sew).  

I know I may be losing credibility when I say this over and over again, but sewing is hard for me.  I can knit and watch a movie, or talk with a friend, or even read a book if it's not a complicated pattern.  And when I'm done with a knitted item, I typically think to myself, "Hey...that looks pretty good," and go on with my day.

Pulling out the sewing machine is much more of an ordeal.  I get tired.  My back gets sore.  I use profanity.  I wrinkle up my forehead and have to think hard and read directions three or four times to understand them.  But when I've finished something and it turns out well?  I want to walk out my front door and shout to the neighborhood, "BEHOLD what I have WROUGHT!"


Seriously!  This thing had pattern pieces from A to N (or was it O?) and a big, scary zipper.  I was afraid I would end up with a $20 pile of really pretty fabric scraps, soaking wet with my tears.

But thanks to Sweet Husband (who occupied the baby most of Sunday afternoon so that I could work) and Jessica (who wrote an uber helpful tutorial for putting in the zipper), the project was a success!  

I had one tiny little hiccup with the hanging loop.  Somehow in the "putting everything together" steps it got un-centered.  It makes my penguin look like he's had a few too many if you try to hang him perfectly straight up-and-down on a hook, but toss him up casually and you'd never notice.

While the Kid will, obviously, not be wearing a backpack for sometime, I think this guy is begging to be filled with toys and taken on every trip we make from now until the Kiddo is 10.

(EDITED TO ADD:  I almost forgot!  Check out all the other awesome back-packs here!)