The Between Hat and the Cute Survival Kit Pouch


I fully intend that the Kiddo will have this knitted hat before real Winter sets in.  But, I'm on a deadline for a scarf, you see.  A scarf I've been planning to make "for the Fall" for going-on three Falls now.  

I've done the math.  If I can knit one 24-row pattern repeat a day--plus a few extra on the days of some car trips we have coming up--I'll have a pretty scarf to wear by Halloween night.  But that means the Kiddo's knitted hat will have to wait.  

While the boy has other hats--lots of other hats--he was lacking a mama-made one that was appropriate for our getting-chilly Saturday farmer's market trips.  So, as a "between hat" I made up this little guy.  

The pattern is from I Am Momma--Hear Me Roar, and it's made entirely from recycled t-shirts.  I didn't quite get it as big as I would have liked--it is, literally, only going to work until I get the knitted hat made--but it was a lot of fun piecing it all together.  

(Note:  I lined the hat to make it a little warmer.  To do that, I just made two hats, stuck one inside the other, and zig-zagged the bottom edges together.)

So that's tiny problem #1 solved.  On to #2.


I carry these guys in my purse at all times.  They're my survival kit.  The problem?  The lid likes to come off the hand cream, which makes a big 'ol mess.

I got a new purse this weekend.  Part of what attracted me to it was the pretty, stripe-y lining.  I did not want that lining covered in lotion anytime soon.  A plastic baggy came to mind, but that would also detract from my cute purse lining.

Fortunately, I had a half a yard of this gorgeous Echino oil cloth hanging around.  I bought it a few months ago with the idea of making the Kid a lunch sack for daycare.  That hasn't happened yet, but I decided there was no harm in snipping off a corner to make a cute, lotion-proof pouch for my necessities.

The little purple loop is part of the hem of a t-shirt that was also in the scrap pile.  (It was the closest thing I could grab without risking waking up the baby, but I kinda like it all the same.)  It loops around the bottom button to close the pouch.  The top button is just decorative--it was convenient, and I thought it would hide my messy stitches from attaching the fabric loop.