The Last Tomatoes

All decked-out mismatch-style (a skeleton romper, striped wool socks, and his baby surprise jacket--really we were very tired), the Kiddo curled up in a little ball against my shoulder to hide from the cold as I carried him into school this morning.  Between my grey window and the weather forecast, I'll be surprised if we don't get a real frost this week.  And although the Kid was technically a February baby, it felt like the Spring came last year before either of us had properly woken-up from his birth.  Which makes this his first Winter, really.

We didn't get a lot of tomatoes this Summer.  (They're heat-lovers, true, but a few weeks at 110 degrees is bit much for any plant.)  However, this beautiful Fall we've got going has brought a tiny resurgence.  This weekend our farmer's market was full of little paper pints of cherry tomatoes.   Add in a sack of homegrown toms that our dear friends brought when they came for dinner last night--part of the reason for the sleepy morning and silly clothes--and all of a sudden this year's tomato crop is feeling less dismal.

One advantage of tomatoes in October is that you actually want to turn on the oven to slow roast them.  And the last herbs lingering in the garden?  Better toss those in before they freeze.  And garlic?  Well, that just goes in everything around here.

Whether we get that hard frost or not, I predict that, for the grown-ups, tomorrow's dinner will be a steamy, cheesy pot of risotto with roasted tomatoes on top.  For the Kid, the last tomatoes (which will also be his first tomatoes) might go well with one of Florence the Chicken's beautiful scrambled eggs.