Feeling Very Halloween

We have watched Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas (which is a movie for all holiday seasons, in my book).  Hocus Pocus is sitting next to the DVD player, and we may have to see Sleepy Hollow once too.  (We're a little into Tim Burton, yes?  I'm such a wuss, though.  Scary movies for kids are all that I can stand.)

Pumpkins have been purchased, sewn, drawn, and pulled from holiday decoration storage.  (And a few have been eaten too!)  Banners have been festooned about here and there.  (The instructions for the felt leaves banner are here.)

The Kid's costume is completed, and adorable (if I do say so myself!) photos have been sent out to the grandmas and grandpas.  Leaves are falling prettily in the backyard, and our vases are stocked with sunflowers from the farmer's market.  I'm purposely avoiding buying candy until the day-of...so that we have candy on the day-of....

I think we're all set.  What Halloween-y things are you all doing?