Sleep Terrorist

In his favorite habitat he looks harmless, to be sure.  But don't be fooled, folks, this creature is extremely gifted at sleep deprivation torture.  

See those chubby cheeks and fists and that little shock of hair that stands straight up?  That's all to throw you off.  His cuteness makes him more effective at dragging you out of a warm bed--every hour, lately even less--on snugly Fall nights.  Whether sporting his adorable grin or his sweet, pathetic pout, his wiles are impossible to ignore.  There isn't a pillow (over my head) that he can't penetrate.

Tonight, we're firing every weapon in our arsenal to combat him.  He was loaded up with pumpkin oatmeal prior to bed--in case the problem is hunger.  The fleeciest of the fleecy pj's were donned and the space heater was pulled up from the basement--in case the problem is cold.  We're even experimenting with a 'sposie diaper for the night.  

He may still defeat us, but we aren't going to be dozing into our lattes tomorrow morning without at least putting up a fight!