That's One Small Step for a Baby....

....yeah, I can't think of how to finish it in keeping with the original quote.

But the big news is that the Kiddo took his first step today at school.  He's been standing up (like, in the middle of the room) there for about a week.  He's done the standing thing once at home--just tonight, actually--but mostly he's just surfing the furniture here.

(He also feeds himself there, which makes me feel a little like he's taking advantage of us--making us cart him around and place food in his awaiting mouth....little stinker!)  

I was really excited to hear about the stepping though.  Then I had a tiny freak-out because I wasn't feeling guilty that I didn't see it--feeling guilty about not feeling guilty, actually.  Which, as my Wise Husband pointed out, is just plain ridiculous.  So now we're back to excited...and just a little nervous about what this new stage might entail.

My Nice Mom-In-Law actually captured my feelings very well, "Congratulations...I think?"