A Mandatory Slow Weekend

A late Friday afternoon call from daycare--"The Kiddo has a fever, can you please come pick him up?"--and the weekend plans were thrown out the window.


While I was disappointed to miss the wedding we were supposed to attend, I think it was a bit of a blessing in disguise.  A whole weekend to hang out with each other...some walks, some chicken watching, some breakfast eating....

An extended cuddle on the couch with a warm and snugly Kiddo Saturday morning, cheers and clapping when he practiced standing on his own (and worked on climbing the stairs--oh my!), hugs and back pats when he bonked his nose, falling on the kitchen floor....

I put the finishing touches on some Christmas handmades.  Sweet Husband doodled in his sketchbook and mopped the floors.  We couldn't have planned such a weekend if we had tried, but it ended up just as it needed to be.