In Which He Is Not Even A Teeny Bit Interested In Pumpkin Goo

Wonderful lad though he is, my baby brother was always kind of a wuss about carving pumpkins.  He'd help with the design, and I believe he was interested in the cutting--insofar as he was allowed to hold the knife--but one handful of goo was about all he could deal with.  

So I scooped out a lot of pumpkin goo as a kid, and even as an adult, really.  I'm ready to pass on my duties to someone else.

But that someone else?  Is not interested.

If you block out those last two weeks of pregnancy (which, I for one always do), he's almost been out as long as he was in.  You'd think he'd be starting to earn his keep by now.  You'd think he'd be game for doing this one itty bitty thing for his mama.  But no.

After showing him how to hollow out the pumpkin for a minute, I pushed his hand closer so he could have a try.  His imagined mental process went like this, "What's this slimy thing on my hand?  [Shakes hand to knock pumpkin goo to the floor.]  Ahh, that's better.  More cereal please."  

And that was it.  Couldn't even get him to look at it again.  He wasn't even interested when we turned off all the house lights and went outside to "ohh and ahh" over our candlelit pumpkin.

After this experience, Sweet Husband and I have decided we should mark two sets of "first" holidays--his true first holiday and the first holiday when he appears to give a hoot....or maybe we just need to throw a party the first year I don't have to scoop pumpkin goo?