Things That Made Him Cry This Week


[Don't think I haven't been tempted to create photographic evidence of one of these "meltdowns", but it feels too mean.  Instead, a non-crying moment from the bouncy house a few weeks ago.]

My Baby Center emails tell me that frustration and the resulting temper tantrums are a natural part of age 3 1/2.  This too shall pass...and all of that.  

But, in the meantime--for posterity's sake--a few specific instances of the horrible, awful injustices and tragedies that have recently plagued the Kid and caused him to meltdown:

1. His train track was broken.  Not irreparably broken.  Not even "that's gonna take some super glue" broken.  Just one groove of track momentarily slipped out of the other.  (Sweet Husband, who was in the shower at the time, thought the Kid had been seriously injured.)

2. Moe was barking at the mailman.  (Not to discount the unpleasantness of the terrier ice-pick bark, but, again, from his reaction I thought we were headed to the emergency room.)

3. Sweet Husband roasted a pumpkin for dinner.  (He sobbed "Daddy killed our pumpkin" for 10 minutes even after we both assured him that this was not our jack'o'lantern and we'd be going to the pumpkin patch especially for that later in the month.)

4. He couldn't find the train he'd taken to bed with him.  (Unremarkable, perhaps, except that it was 3:30 a.m. when he noticed "Belle" was missing.)

5. Spilled milk.  (Our wonderful breakfast companion was a little bit tickled, "He's actually crying over spilled milk.") 

Fortunately, in between all of that, 3 1/2 also comes with some nice perks like extra requests for hugs, "reading" to himself, and an imagination that is often the best part of my day.  I think the balance is the reason our species has continued to exist.  :)

Tell me, what is the oddest or most absurd thing that's ever made your kiddo have a temper tantrum?