Apparently People Know I Knit

I took the afternoon off the other day, and ended up shopping and strolling downtown.  Among other things, I found the sweetest cabled mittens for the Kiddo.  When I stopped in to take Sweet Husband lunch, we had the following conversation:

Him [Indicating shopping bag]: What'd you get?

Me:  Oh, a couple of shirts and a pair of mittens for the Kiddo.

Him:  You bought him mittens?

Me [thinking of the epic scarf--which is just almost finished, in addition to several other projects on the "to-make-for-Christmas" pile]:  Well, if I wait until I get around to knitting a pair, his fingers will freeze off.

Later that day, talking with Nice Mom on the phone, with the Kid giggling in the background:

Mom:  What's the Kiddo laughing about?

Me:  Oh, I bought him a pair of mittens today and we're just trying them on.

Mom:  You bought him mittens?

Apparently, I'm getting a reputation.

But then I started digging in his "Winter" box, and realized that I had actually made him mittens last year in my newly-pregnant-knitting-frenzy.  I'm sure he'll lose one pair or the other before it's all over with, right?  [The white ones are the ones I bought; I knitted the greenish-yellow ones.]

Although it's apparently branded me as that overly precious mommy that has to hand make every stitch of her child's clothes (I say that tongue in cheek, I know my peeps love me), I'm really starting to enjoy the fruits of all that early knitting.  

Three of the sweaters I made last Winter are currently in use. (From top left to bottom: a Placket-Neck Pullover, a BSJ, and an Easy Baby Cardigan [modified to be a hoodie].)  His Tomten is still too big, but will fit next year.  Only this one ended up being too small.  And actually even it would fit perfectly if only I could get his head through the neck hole.  We gave it a good try one morning about a week ago--Sweet Husband held him and I tugged.  It was not well received by the Kid.  (Anybody know a nine month old with an abnormally small head who needs a sweater?  Or else maybe I can rip out the neck and make it better?  Hm.)

I must admit, it tickles me to watch him crawling away (always on the move these days) in one of his sweaters.  And I suppose there are worse things to be known for than knitting.