First, the news you were all waiting on baited breath to hear--the scarf was finished, and with time to spare.  

I don't normally knit with lace weight yarn, but when I saw this color in Heather's shop (it's been a few years ago, I think) I bought it on impulse.  

And it sat, because I don't normally knit with lace weight yarn.  Further, since the Kid was born, I haven't knitted anything challenging at all.  So it was perfect, in a really sarcastic and not actually perfect way, when about three weeks ago I decided to knit this in time for Halloween.  

It's been a marathon.  Just when I got going, I'd mess something up and have to rip back several rows.  One afternoon at lunch my fellow knitting co-workers almost saw me cry.

But finally, this weekend it was done.  And it's so worth it.  Like, if you know me in real life you're going to have to excuse me when I don't take it off for weeks at a time.....

But on to our Halloween.  While there are all sorts of good parts to being a parent, one thing I've looked forward to most is the holidays.  Because when you have a kid, you get to be a kid again in a magical way that we could never quite emmulate with just the two of us.

Halloween21There was the Halloween party and "parade" at school....


Some visiting with our friends downtown (I swear, the Cupcake only started crying when we pulled out the camera...before that she was the happiest little bumblebee!)....


And visits to the Kiddo's "Lawrence Aunties and Uncles" for tricks and treats....


....and (just because I think it was super cute) our friends' pup, Stella, in her Ewok costume.

Hope you all had as much fun as we did!