A Little Off the Top Please

K's first haircut
Sometime mid-last-week, I looked down and realized that my baby was growing a mullet.  I'm a fan of a little shagginess, but it was getting beyond that.  It was time for his first trim.

While I have a wonderful stylist in Lawrence that I love (hi Jen!), I had long planned to take the Kiddo back to our hometown for his first haircut.  My old stylist, Stephanie (that's her up there with the scissors), and I have been through a lot together (long, short, really short, red, black [I did it at home, she fixed it], curly, straight, a few proms, my wedding...oh the stories she could tell!), so it only seemed fitting.

But even with all the magic she's worked over the years, I never realized that she is, in fact, a ninja master.  Truly, it was like watching a cartoon on fast-forward.  She was behind him.  She was in front of him.  She was snipping.  She was handing him a comb and a clip to play with.  The Kiddo did not have time to even think about objecting, and, as you can see, he even had some fun.

When she was finished, I had a tiny sack of hair snips and a baby that doesn't look quite so baby anymore....