Get High With Me (High On the Love)

I think everyone has this happen to a certain extent, but I go through a lot of my life feeling like a sponge.  Put me in a room with negative people and I suck up the doom and gloom, but let me hang out with happy people for a few hours and I get high.

Which is why, I think, I get such a kick out of engagement pictures.  I just absorb all that giddy love right up.

I was fortunate to get to take two sets of engagement pictures last week.  The female halves of each couple are both very old friends of mine, and even more so of each other.  The fellas I don't know as well, but I'm willing to whole-heartedly accept the premise that they must be pretty awesome to have won their respective ladies.

Melissa and Mark
Jai and Lucas
Jai and Lucas1
Jai and Lucas2
Sigh....feels good to be high on love, doesn't it?

P.S.  While we're speaking of photos, habit--one of my favorite "slice of life" photo blogs--has opened up their flickr pool this month to outside submissions.  (They're picking a few submissions each day for the blog, but so far I haven't been able to resist at least skimming the entire pool.)  On a whim last night--and as a half-assed way of participating in NaBloPoMo--I've decided to make a daily photo project out my submissions.  I may post them here, I may not.  But if you're interested, my photos and words will most certainly be here.