He Loves His New Shoes

Do you know who Pete the Cat is?  I put out a distress call to my favorite children's librarian the other day, "If I have to read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom one more time I'll go mad--help!"  In response, she sent me Pete.  (Here's a video of the book being read aloud--so much fun!)

The book is going to be the Kid's "something to read" under the Christmas tree.  (We're starting the "want, need, wear, read" tradition right from the get-go.)  But it's relevant today, because Pete likes to sing about his shoes.  

"I love my white shoes.  I love my white shoes."

(Really, just go watch the video.  It'll make you feel all warm and happy like you've been to story time.)  

New shoes
This weekend, the Kid got his first pair of shoes.  And, like Pete the Cat, he seems to love them.

While the Kid isn't walking yet (for us, anyway), he likes to scamper around enough that I was getting worried about his feet being warm and protected.  I had poked around a bit online, but I was a bit bewildered by it all.  So, we went to the shoe store this morning.

This was one of those times I really think a brick-and-mortar store was necessary.  We (me and the fabulous saleslady) tried three different brands on him before we found a pair that would buckle correctly without being ridiculously big in the toe.  Apparently the Kiddo has inherited my chubby feet.  (Sorry, bub!)

I was expecting a bit of a battle, and so was the saleslady, I think.  "I'll let you slip the heel in, so I don't make him cry."  But the Kid was just like, "Eh, whatever."  I suspect there will come a day when he objects to hats and shoes and things, but for today he loves his new shoes.