Impromptu Pumpkin Painting



"Can I carve these?" the Kid pulled his tiny pumpkins, bought on a whim at ye' old country market a few weeks ago, down from the window sill.

"How about we paint them?" Sweet Husband suggested.

"OK!" the Kid looked at me expectantly.

I looked to our art supply cabinet, with a frown.  Watercolors did not seem to be the thing, nor did the "dot paints" the Kid got last year for Christmas.  But then, I rummaged to the back and found some finger paints, a birthday party favor from long ago.  "Ah-ha!" I proclaimed triumphantly as I squirted the colors into an old egg carton.  And off he went.

We seem to be doing this spur-of-the-moment art a lot more lately--having play-doh before breakfast, painting pumpkins while dinner cooks.  I think the difference is that the Kid is asking us now, rather than the other way around.  

It seems backwards, but that makes it easier somehow.  Rather than planning two days ahead and worrying that we have enough newspaper to cover the table and hoping he'll enjoy himself, all I have to do is say "yes" and hand him a brush.

It's a new, fun stage that I'm enjoying very much.  Yay for self-directed art!