On Eggs and Molting

The flock (OK, mostly Florence and Gladys the Marans) laid 50 eggs last month.  They're back in business, yes?

I think we have three girls laying now, although I'm not sure.  Our initial system of keeping track of eggs per chicken worked really well when we had three birds that laid distinctly different eggs.  I've stared really hard and adjusted the light, but I can't tell the difference between "dark spotted eggs" and "sorta dark spotted eggs".

Ant then there's the question of who this third layer is.  We know that Gladys and Flo are laying, because we've caught them at it.  But who is laying the slightly lighter spotted eggs?


Is it Joni Mitchell?

Or Bonnie Tyler?

We can rule out Etta (I think her eggs would be smaller because she's a bantam), and Tori (we know what her eggs look like), but between these two, it's anyone's guess.

Speaking of Tori, poor baby is looking awful these days.  I thought I had seen a chicken molt before, but it turns out that whatever it was the girls did last Fall was but a pale imitation.  Little golden feathers all over the coop...big bald spots on her neck and breast...at first I was a little worried that the other girls were staging a coup d'etat, and slowly pecking her to death.  But, no.  She's just molting.  In a few weeks I should have my pretty, sweet Tori back.