Walking It Off

Thank you all so much for the nice notes and "woofs" my email in-box has been full of.  It's been the best part of these past couple days. 

I have to say, I've never been so glad to see Monday morning.  This may go down in the family annals as The Most Awful Weekend Ever.  In addition to the news of Porter, we had our first family illness, and it was a doozy.  

Inspired by the last Harry Potter DVD, I started calling it the Immobulus Flu.  Everything was great, as long as I didn't move.  Sweet Husband and I had a miserable 12 hours in which, as a friend aptly put it, we played the worst game of hot potato ever with the baby.  The Kiddo was really sick for a day, and puny for a few days beyond that.

Thankfully, we're all physically on the mend.


Emotionally, it's still touch and go.  I've finished my Christmas knitting, I've started pulling decorations up from the basement, we've almost finished the third season of Battlestar Galactica...and still there's all this empty time.  

I don't know why exactly, but--as it always does when I'm sad or angry or working something out--walking seems to help.  We went to the lake Saturday evening.  I went back to take some pictures today.  We walked downtown and back for breakfast this morning.  I'm not sure if I'm walking away from things or walking through them...or maybe it just feels like doing something.

I know it's going to break the hearts of both Moe and the Kid (not), but we may be walking a lot this Fall.