Breaking News: Kids Can Be Sorta Great

I got together with a co-worker last week to take some pictures of her son for holiday gifting.

I worked with kids a lot during high school and college--my mom worked in a school district, so it was always an easy place for me to get a part-time job--but less so since I moved away for law school.  Hanging out with this guy for a couple hours made me realize how much I miss it. 


Particularly kids of that six or seven to ten or twelve range.  You know--old enough to have a conversation, but still young enough to be really unselfconsciously silly.

Example:  This guy is the first photography "client" I've had ask to take my picture back.  And he was going to use his leap-frog-thingy-ma-jiggy to photoshop me into a princess costume.  How could I say no to that?