His Turkey Day Vest

I love this little "Pebble" vest pattern (a.k.a Henry's Manly Cobblestone Inspired Baby Vest) so much that I've made it three times now.  I can whip one out in a few days, it looks cute over t-shirts, and it keeps the Kiddo's core warm.  The only problem is that the pattern is only written in one size, so I keep having to guess to make it bigger.

The Kiddo grew out of his first vest quite quickly.  (While I am certainly not laying blame--as I've had my own share of laundry mishaps--the outgrowing was helped by the fact that it got tossed in the dryer by a sleep-deprived Sweet Husband.)  

But then the second vest I made, for this Fall, ended up being ridiculously too big.  It's so big that I actually think it will fit him next Winter, or maybe even the one after that.

This third one is fresh off the needles.  It's a little smaller than I would have ideally prefered, but--even if it doesn't fit past his next growth spurt--for Thanksgiving Day, at least, it should be juuuusst right.