All the Much

In addition to Thanksgiving, today is also my birthday.  My 31st trip around the sun--that's how my dad always says it.

There's a little litany that I say to the Kid each night as he has his bedtime ba.  It started as silly-babble to comfort him to sleep, but it's become a habit.

Mama loves you.  

Mama loves you all the much in the whole world.

Mama loves you.

And Dada loves you.

And Moe-moe loves you.

And Etta the Chicken and all her sisters love you.

Everybody loves you so much.  All the much.

Although it may not be directly on point (as the law nerds would say), that's the flavor of my year and everything I'm thankful for today, all at once.

Hope your Thanksgiving is all the much!