The Festival of Trees

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Fest of trees-1
Fest of trees

This has become one of my favorite holiday traditions.  I just love walking through all the beautiful trees.  

We were unable to donate a tree this year--all of a sudden my knitting group has gotten a little busy and we've basically given up on meeting anymore--but we did manage to hook up with the Kiddo's favorite girl, the Cupcake, and her mama to see what other people had created.  

If I won the lottery tonight, I'd go back to the auction tomorrow and buy the tree with the tiny baskets on it, but the rooster-as-tree-topper also caught my eye.  And, just for one year, I'd love to have a funny, alternative tree, like the space shuttle-ly one pictured.  Then again, maybe we need a bat signal?

If you're local, The Festival of Trees will be at Liberty Hall until Thursday, so go check it out.  Here are the times it's open.