Rock and Roll Quilting


My mom is a Rick Springfield groupie.  Most of the time we (her three children) admit this bemusedly, occasionally a bit more testily.  I suspect it's something like how she dealt with me when I was twelve and came home one day worshipping Donnie Wahlberg and New Kids on the Block; I don't really understand the obsession, but at least she's not out smoking crack, yes?  ;)


Sometime last summer, she asked me to take a stack of her old concert t-shirts and make them into a quilt.  Her birthday and a "Rick" concert coincided this past weekend, so I decided to make the quilt a birthday present.  Also knowing that there was a good chance that she would bump into Mr. Springfield (bump into, stalk...what's the difference, really?) I left a space in the center (that little purple circle) for her to get it signed. 

Jokes aside, I actually had a lot of fun putting this together.  The t-shirts were of the well-loved variety, so I cannibalized a few to make fun patches and cover holes and such.  I also think I tried out just about every decorative stitch my machine does.  Experimental sewing at it's best!

It ended up looking exactly as I think a t-shirt quilt should--a bit worn, but comfy.  And, although I missed getting a picture of the autograph, she did get it signed.