Big Fat Paperwhites


Those of you who've been around for a bit know that I'm a paperwhite evangelist during the holiday season.  But I'm afraid I've led you all astray as to the best method for growing them.

In years past, I've simply put them in a bowl with rocks and water.  They always ended up a little spindly (I tried alcohol to combat this one year), but still lovely.

This year I didn't have enough rocks to fill my bowl, but I did have a leftover bag of potting soil.  So I used soil to fill most of the bowl, and just put a layer of rocks on top to make it pretty.

Guess what?  Paperwhites like soil.  They like it a lot.  These are the biggest, fattest paperwhites I've ever grown.  While you can certainly get by with just rocks and water, I don't believe I will ever be doing so again.