Some Love for Our Helping Hands

The plus side of living a few hours away from your family is that you always have time to sweep the dust-bunnies from under the couch before your Mom comes over.  But when you just need a grandma to nip in to watch the baby for an hour?  Or you need a night out with your husband, right now?  The little pluses start to look less appealing.

Thankfully, Sweet Husband works with several lovely ladies who have been more than willing to come entertain the Kid for an evening every now and then.  And since they have been so amazing this year, I wanted to do something more than the cookies and tea I usually send with him to work for Christmas.

First order of business was a rainbow of handwarmers.  (The Mrs. J patternmodified to rib.)  I've been gradually working on these--a pair here, a pair there--since this Summer.  I can't tell you how it made me smile to lay them all out like this!


Next, some yummy beeswax and lavender handcream.  I got this recipe from The Beekeeper's Bible, but similar recipes abound on the internet.  It was incredibly easy to do (15 minutes?), and made a really rich, thick cream that smells divine.  (Sweet Husband took a tin just to do "quality control" on his always cracking-and-dry Winter hands.  He hasn't brought it back yet.) 

I must confess, I got a little carried away with the pretty symbolism.  I ended up sending a few sets of wamers and lotion to school with the Kiddo for his teachers too!