My Obligatory Snow Globe Post

If you are a writer or lover of crafty blogs, you know what I mean.  This year, homemade snow globes are to crafty-mama-blogs as skinny jeans are to six foot tall, 120 pound models--they're the trendy, "in" thing.  (I think skinny jeans are still trendy?  Are they?)  


But I couldn't resist.  The animals and trees came from my local, big-box craft store.  The jars came from my cabinet.  A little glycerin, water, confetti, and super glue finished it off.
I'm not a hundred percent sure super glue was the right choice, though.  This little penguin has come unglued after a couple of days....then again, his flapped out wings and ambiguous expression makes this little scene more comical than if he had stayed put....I think he may be trying to escape my snow globe and get back to the South Pole?