Documenting Beautiful

I've been taking a lot of pictures this month.  (Stick by stick, I tell you, stick by stick.)  Every time I sit down to edit them though, I have this moment of doubt.

"Ugh. These are crap!"  I exclaim to Sweet Husband.  My forehead wrinkles up as I stare at my computer screen and think about how embarrassed I'm going to be when I have to refund their money and send people to "a real photographer".

More than once Sweet Husband has asked, "Do you really like doing this?"  

"Well...."  I always trail off, becoming too engrossed in editing to finish the thought.


But the truth is, I love it.  Sure, there are parts that are tedious.  Sure, that first few minutes of liberally using my delete button is scary.

But getting the chance to document how beautiful I think people so great.

Like, do you ever catch yourself walking down the street and noticing something pretty about a stranger?  "Wow--I wonder if anyone has ever told him he has incredible eyes?"  "I hope she knows that she has gorgeous skin."  I really want to stop people sometimes and tell them.  

I almost never do, as it feels vaguely creepy.  Which is, I think, why I get such a kick out of photographing people--because the whole point of it is to capture the things that make people beautiful and show them to the rest of the world.


And then you get to show the beautiful relationships too.  The couple in the first shots above (I'm picking on them because they're good friends and they already know I'm creepy--lol), they have such a sweet marriage.  Like, one that's just fun to bask in the glow of.  And I think I might have gotten that on "film" a little.

It's all so very ordinary, but it feeds my soul a bit to document it, get it down on paper in a way that their descendants will look back at and think, "Wow--my parents were madly in love," or "Gosh, my grandma had a pretty smile," or "My dad was always so good for a laugh, wasn't he?".