The Kid's Personal Cheer Squad

I never realized the extent to which being a mother entailed being an entertainer.  And not just a run-of-the-mill singer or, a razzle 'em, dazzle 'em circus sideshow act.  Or a cheerleader.  

I actually was a cheerleader for one slightly misguided year in high school.


See, there I am.  But I just did it to be cool...or to get boys...I'm not sure, really.  I never thought it would have any practical application for my later life.

If anything, keeping the Kid entertained in the evenings probably requires even more singing and chanting and clapping than the JV cheer squad.  He's rarely content to just lay quietly while we change him or bathe him.  Nope.  Little guy wants a performance.  A constant performance.

In addition to the-song-that-still-shall-not-be-named, here are some of our favorite songs and rhymes....

....books that I can now recite perfectly from memory in any situation....

....and lullabies.

  • Dream a Little Dream
  • Oh Mr. Moon  (This is one my Grandma used to sing to me.  Her lyrics were just a little different, but we stick to her version even though I have no idea what a "gotten gun" might be.)

What are your favorite "kid" songs and rhymes?