In Pretty Contemplation

Tonight I am contemplating a very serious question that will determine our Christmas happiness for many years to come:  What does Santa eat?  

Snickerdoodles?  Orange short breads?  Classic chocolate chip cookies?  

Orange short breads are the winner by a mile around here, but choosing a cookie that is not easily obtainable in a store seems like asking for a midnight Christmas Eve baking session sometime in my future.  Chocolate chip cookies come in bags, but they're not nearly as exciting....

And then, does Santa like milk?  Or beer?  Or eggnog?  Like many a man I know, I tend to think Santa may prefer a beer (particularly if he has to put the finishing touches on any toy assembly after slipping down the chimney), but I wouldn't want Santa to get a DUI....

We're starting traditions--this is serious business, folks!

While I consider these weighty matters, please enjoy some "just for pretty" shots from the new camera that I took this weekend.