What He's Doing Now

Baby milestones are tricky things.  Parents can get very competitive about them, however--in studying the Kiddo's class at school and other friends and family members close to his age, maybe ten kids total--I have come to believe that parents have little to do with it all.  

Granted, I'm looking at a group of pretty "normal" kids, if there is such a thing (healthy parenting, no major health or socioeconomic issues, etc.).  And I think maybe you can encourage different parts of development a bit "in the margins"...but really, my expert theory (cough *sarcasm*) is that they're going to do what they're going to do when they're darn good and ready to do it.

Nonetheless, the comparisons are so interesting.  

For example, every other baby we know (including one that's several months younger than the Kid) has teeth.  While the Kid is still within the normal age range for popping his first toother, I've started calling him "The Toothless Wonder".  And with the holiday season at hand, I have to say, I'm enjoying the obvious joke, "All he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth."

As another example, one of my co-workers has a baby just about three months older than the Kid, who is very similar to him, percentile-wise (both big, tall, hungry-all-the-time lads).  About once a month, I can't help but ask him, "Your kid sleeping through the night yet?"

So far the answer continues to be a rueful "no".  But the day he says "yes" the angels will sing, and--whether I really believe in it or not--a happy countdown will start in my head, "Three more months, three more months...."

With that all said, right now we're working a lot on practicing eating off a plate and not banging our sippy cup or the plate on the table.  Basically, we're trying to teach him that the whole world is not a drum.  But in addition to that...well, see for yourself: