Inventing Last Minute To-Do's

I have a friend who decided to knit Christmas sweaters for her entire, adult, family of three, basically the week before Thanksgiving.  (I may be muddling the details a little, but I'm close.)  And then one of the sweaters wasn't quite right once it was finished, so it turned into four.  I believe she may get it all done yet--in fact, I'm sure she will 'cause that's how she rolls--but whew!

I planned ahead this year, and started my Christmas knitting during our July and August heat spell.  So on December 1st I had, I think, one pair of hand wamers left to do.  I even started a sweater for myself this month.

But I'm not sure I like being a plan-aheader.  (It's not my natural state, I assure you.)  It feels wrong to be sitting here--on the Winter Solstice just a few days before Christmas--with nothing to finish up.  So much so that I've kind of begun inventing things.

For example, the Kid and I made salt dough ornaments at dinner tonight, just because we could.  One with his hand print, a few snowflakes, several hearts....

And then I decided to make both he and his new Christmas friend (more about him later, but I can't wait for you to meet him) matching stocking caps.  I don't know if I'd really call the looming deadline "pressure" per se--they're just hats and one is doll-sized, after all...getting them done in time won't be hard--but I think I needed just a little something to make me feel elf-y.