Happy Christmas!

Driving home yesterday evening, I caught part of a "book-review" interview on NPR.  The author explained that she set her fairy-tale inspired book in the snow because, "I think magic is closer to the surface in the snow."

Magic is closer to the surface in the snow.  I love that.

And while I sympathize with people who have to travel, the Christmases I remember in the fondest glow of memory have all been white.  It's like doubling-down on the magic.

So far only the very lightest of dustings here, but there's a little tiny hope still.  And in the meantime, paper snowflakes and the magic of Christmas lights are standing in admirably.  And a stretch of days with the chance to sleep-in (relatively speaking) with a snugly, little man in footie pajamas?  Merry magic indeed!

Happy Christmas everyone!