Big Brother Fun :: Snowman Murder


[This post is part of my "Big Brother Fun" winter series.  To see all of the fun, scroll to the bottom of this post and give a click on the "Big Brother Fun Series" tag.]

Most of my mom-friends who have little boys have been disturbed at one time or another when their wee cherub expresses a desire to kill things.  I'm not talking puppies and kittens (really, we're not raising sociopaths, I swear), but, for example, the Kid sometimes goes on bug stomping sprees.  

I was aghast the first time he did it, but--after checking in with several sources--it seems to be normal.  These days I try to dissuade him when I can, but mostly I just go with it.  (Do girls do this too?  From my informal canvasing it doesn't seem like it, but I could be wrong.)  

One snow day a few years ago, this primal urge accidentally led to some winter entertainment.  It was too cold to be outside for long, but the Kid wanted to play in the snow.  So, we brought a big bowl of snow inside, I propped him up next to the kitchen sink, and I let him go at it.

At first he wanted to make snowmen, which seemed like obvious fun, but then he turned on the water.  He shrieked with toddler glee as his little men melted and ran down the drain.  


Over and over again he stacked snowballs on top of each other to form mini-snowmen, only to delight in sending them to their deaths.  It was gruesome, but it kept him occupied, so.

We haven't had a chance to play "snowman murder" yet this winter--it's 60 degrees here today--but, if you have the stomach for it, for those of you socked-in to the northeast it might just buy you enough time to drink a cup of hot tea!