Christmas 2011 (Part 1)

Since Sweet Husband works in retail, Christmas Eve is on-the-clock for him.  The first few years it was a little hard for me, but I've actually come to enjoy it.  The jewelry store he works at closes early, and they have a little party to celebrate the end of the busy season before everyone goes off to be with family.Christmas morning1Christmas morning-1The Kiddo loves the store.  Mostly because, well, they kinda love him too.  But it's also a nice wide-open place (with mirrors!) for him to practice his locomotion.  


And this year Santa himself came to the party!  It was so cool!  The Kid got his very own, one-on-one meet and greet with the big guy.  (And the little handshake...*melt*.)

Christmas morning
Then, we took a quick loop around Mass Street.  Everything was mostly closed, of course, but the lights were still much enjoyed.
Christmas morning2
And home for "Christmas Eve Crab Legs" and PJs and movies....