Christmas 2011 (Part 2)

Christmas morning3After all that debate we forgot to leave out milk and cookies!  Thankfully, Santa is a forgiving chap, and he left the Kid a pretty pull-sled just the same.IMG_0273

I couldn't quite decide what the Kid thought of Christmas morning, to tell you the truth.  The boxes were a treat, of course.  And the little wooden spoon that was found in his stocking delighted him to no end.  

He was curious...interested...and generally just happy to have a day with Mom and Dad both at his complete disposal.

Christmas morning-2

Also, the boy loves German Pancakes.  We made these baby ones (in a muffin tin)--the Kid couldn't shove them into his mouth quickly enough.

It was so nice here (not even a hint of snow) that we decided to go for a walk in the afternoon.  Moe and Sweet Husband ran off their Christmas treats, while I worked mine off by hiking with twenty-five pounds of the Kid on my back.
Then it was home for the Christmas Feast-of-Whatever.  Sweet Husband picked his current favorite beer, and the Kid is digging animal crackers these days.  Fearing that beer and animal crackers may not make the most pleasing feast, I picked prime rib.  For the record, I chose wisely.