Making Christmas

I promise (I think) that this will be my last Christmassy post, but I am truly proud of how much we made ourselves for Christmas this year and I want to talk about it just a bit.

I didn't do a completely handmade Christmas.  That just seems overwhelming to me, mostly because I always get stumped about what to make for a few certain people.  

But I knitted my heart out and took a few photos, and Sweet Husband did some jewelry making.  (It's quite handy being married to a jeweler, yes?)  Between the two of us, almost everyone that we exchange gifts with got something handmade, and most of our extended family got exclusively handmade goodies.  

And where we couldn't do handmade-by-us, we shopped handmade-by-others or--at the least--shopped locally.  (In the interests of full disclosure, I did buy my brother the flip-folder he really wanted, and I never, ever count buying books against myself.)  Really, we did pretty good though.  Some highlights....


[Hats by me; doll by the talented Grace.]
Christmas morning-3
[Ring by Sweet Husband; keychain (slowly, torturously....I do not work in metal, really folks) made by me.]

[Sweater and hat by me; bracelet by Sweet Husband.]

The best reaction was undoubtedly Cutie Niece when she unwrapped a big sweater for her and then a smaller, matching one to fit her doll.  I was pretty sure the doll would like her sweater, but knitting for an eight-year-old is like taking your savings account and putting it all on black.  There are so many things that could go wrong--itchy, wrong color, an ill-timed growth spurt that makes the size all wrong.  It's win-big, lose-big, and this year I was a winner!

Next year, I would like to get more inventive about making some things for Sweet Husband and the Kid though.  It's harder, particularly with the Kiddo, because I end up making little things for him all the time.  He wasn't wanting for sweaters or hats or even toys.  But, for example, Sweet Husband remarked on the relatively simple construction of his sled.  It's something I never would have thought to try and make ourselves, but we certainly could have.

Likewise, other than the aforementioned key chain (which I made on purpose to fill the void) Sweet Husband's gift were all purchased.  With a little planning ahead, I think I can do a bit better by "my boys" for next year.